Nice to Meet You, DJ Eli Tzur

Eli zur DJ DJing over a decade in clubs, bars and a variety of events. His resume can be found, inter alia, 99 legendary radio broadcasts, weddings Concept Israel and abroad, festivals and special productions. 
In 2005 he joined me as a partner, the company MOVE DJs, and turned it into one of the leading companies in the field events, as he conducts a lot of weddings and successful productions. 
In 2014 makes me step has waited all his life, sets out an independent and decides to represent himself exclusively. 
Beyond energy, creativity and the joy of bursting activity, Ellie Create professional knowledge brings a rare scope and great interpersonal skills - the passing of hundreds of couples who have become close friends during the wedding preparations. 
Me know to maximize enjoyment of the entire community at every event, it gives the soul to every customer and that's fine, it has a lot of it. Anyone who hired his services to see his loved ones are going wild with delight on the dance floor. 
So in short, to me Contact